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1. Reservation for the Racing Arena slopes is possible at most one week in advance.
2. The Reservation is made by officials of the club.
3. A Number of 16-20 athletes should not be exceeded.
4. Generally one course is reserved for at most 3 hours.
5. At selective lack of snow the soil has to be removed from the slopes.
6. Depending on the number of athletes a group will have to share the access to one course.
7. We would like, that every club or group, that demands the set up of the Racing Arena trainer, allocated a tutor.
8. For the nightly training on Thursday the training courses are set up by Racing Arena trainer and Ski Edelweiss Jaun. The help of additional trainers is appreciated. The training times are set by the coordinator depending on the slope and snow conditions.
9. The prices for the Racing Arena are according to this list.
10. Fairplay is the supreme rule.