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Together with the Fribourg promotion academy of young skiers and all the ski fans, amateurs or professionals, Ochser Sport has set up a training camp together with the Jaun Gastlosen Bergbahnen AG for the whole winter season. The Ochser Sport Racing Arena contains two slalom slopes and one giant slalom slope.

These slopes are supported by Ochsner Sport and are located and controlled in the ski station Jaun. This place was chosen, because of its challenging artificial snow slopes and its topography, which suits modern training methods very well.

The area is of course open for companies and groups of skiers, who want to compete in a challenge against time.

The Racing Arena Jaun offers

- 2 slalom slopes (max. 16 people per slope)
- 1 giant slalom slope (max. 16 people)
- Time measurement equipement available
- 1 nightly training (Thursday evening, reservation needed)
- 1 contact person = coordination, reservation (Christoph Rauber)
- Organisation and monitoring of the slopes
- Homologated slopes


coordinator (reservations)

Christoph Rauber
Tel : 079 395 01 91